About Us

E Talent America... is an all-inclusive entertainment community focused on matching talent to talents needed.

We are designed to create a network for members to manage their own careers free of any royalties or fees and absolutely free to their target market. Our mission is to link all ages of unknown talent to higher levels of professional talent, while also connecting producers/directors to regional production services. This networking service allows for more economical budgeting and easy production management.

This exclusive community includes access to building your own site, managing your own career, the latest entertainment news and up to date job postings. Your professional business site easily links to any social networking site, creating additional exposure.

The management team at E-Talent America is still actively involved in the entertainment industry. Being producers and working closely with talent and production services, we found that there is a huge amount of untapped, regional talent, and found it difficult to find regional production services. This site is designed to close those gaps.

Much like everyone looking at this site, the creators of E Talent America are individual talents who have pooled their resources to bring this community to you. We are technical engineers, producers, talent and web designers and we understand that the entertainment business is based entirely on networking.

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